Roy Gladwell Design


I can produce plans and elevations in CAD from Architect surveyed notes and photos. This is used by some of my clients that do not have a CAD resource. I can produce drawings in CAD formats (dwg,dgn and dxf), bitmap, jpeg  or pdf.

The usual procedure is that I am sent the survey notes and sketched dimensions, along with photographs of the property. I then produce the plans and elevations ready for the Architects input such as planning.

I even use my immense knowledge of building design for my clients to aid them in planning issues and designs for extensions and conversions. With this service I can work on projects for Architects nationwide and have even worked on a property in France.

My clients do take advantage of my planning knowledge and I have aided in countless planning applications.

I charge a very reasonable rate and save Architects a great deal of time in the production of drawings. I also can turn around a set of plans and elevations in a couple of days. Which is of great use to the clients that use me.

Along with the plans I have also been appointed to draw bespoke furniture layouts such as wardrobes, kitchens and shelving schemes for property companies.

Property companies, Developers, Architectural Companies and Architects use this service and I enjoy a thoroughly excellent working relationship with those that use this service.

I can also produce lease plans from surveys for Survey companies, Which involves indicating the area of a particular building that is being leased, and adding an ordnance survey map for location of the building.